Friday, April 18, 2014

Ikat Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs are inspired by the patterns and vibrant colors in Ikat fabric. They are very easy to make, especially for last minute Easter party plans!

You will need:
- hard boiled eggs
- Sharpie markers
- pencil

First, use a pencil to draw guidelines on your egg.

Then you can draw the pattern. In this case, I chose diamonds. It can be chevron, or curvy shapes.

Next, choose your color scheme.

I like to start with the lightest color first.

Color the eggs with Sharpie in an up-and-down motion to create that Ikat effect.

Fill in the rest of the egg with another marker

And don't forget the final touches.

And you are done!

Go ahead and try making them and I hope you enjoy my tutorial!


  1. Can't wait for this year's Easter. I will definitely try this with my son! ♥

  2. Yeah! It really a fantastic Easter decoration option for
    ikat fabric
    and design lover. I will gonna try this out. Thank you for sharing.


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