Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Hi all! I can really feel the Christmas spirit nowadays. So as early as now, we're going to make crafts for the holidays. Let's start with this mason jar snow globe. This is one of the craft projects that we did in Moonleaf.

You will need:
- glass jar (make sure it's clean)
- glitter glue
- glitter powder
- distilled water. I just learned tap water will eventually look cloudy.
- snowflake template, or pencil, if you want your own design,
- paper
- masking tape

Cut a strip of paper with the width a few inches shorter than the jar's height, and the length should be the same as the jar's inner diameter. This paper will serve as your guideline when you start decorating with glitter glue.

Now, on the paper you can either draw your own design, like Allie:

or you can cut out snowflakes and glue them on the paper, like Annie. I just googled snowflake templates on the internet and printed them on A4 paper.

When you are satisfied with your design, put the paper back inside the jar and secure it with masking tape. Trace your design with glitter glue then wait for it to dry, which will probably take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

That's me in action:

And here's the detail of my prototype:

These are my students raising their glittery jars!

Pour in some glitter powder and fill the jar with water up to the brim. Then put the lid back and start shaking! I've read somewhere that adding glycerin will help the glitter settle more slowly. So if you want more drama, add glycerin.

And then you're done! By the way, if you have a plastic toy or a plastic Christmas ornament, you can use hot glue to stick the toy to the inside of the lid.

Let me know if you have comments or recommendations, like using a special glue that's better than hot glue, or using oil instead of water. :)

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