Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cookies and Washi Tape

It's already December, and I'm halfway done with my Christmas shopping. This truly is my favorite season. I get to splurge and spend extra for the people I love. 

As for the Christmas gift decoration, I ordered Washi tapes from Hey Kessy and I just can't get enough of them! I chose kraft paper to pair with the Washi tapes so that the pattern and the color of the tape would stand out. Kraft paper is readily available in National Bookstore in pretty big rolls. It will last me probably 4 months of paper crafting.

I am planning to give cookies to all of the people in my office for our Christmas party for this year. And I already asked my sister if she can bake a nice batch of her lemon crinkle cookies so we did a test bake this weekend.

For the cookie pouches, I just placed 2 different Washi tapes at the bottom and closed the pouch by twisting it and sealing with 2 inch Washi tape.

For the cookie jar, I cut a piece of Kraft paper and used the gold doily Washi tape at the border. Then placed a ribbon in the middle made of yarn.

Not as colorful as the cookie pouches, but I like it that way. Nice and simple. :)

What are your Christmas gift decor? I'll be posting more Christmas crafting ideas soon!

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