Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I Had For Breakfast - Bali Edition

I'm back everyone! We stayed in Bali for four days (+1 more day because of a cancelled flight). The breakfast food in the hotel was pretty good, but it was western food. I didn't take photos of the hotel food because they weren't so interesting. Anyway, one morning we went straight to the beach and this is what we had for breakfast:
Fresh fruits from the hotel, shrimp krupuk, french bread and water. It was a pretty light breakfast but we enjoyed eating our food by the shore.

For lunch our driver took us to Ibu Oki in Nusa Dua and we had Nasi Ayam (spicy chicken rice). It also has boiled egg, chicken satay, fried peanuts, and sauteed beans with green chili. You can hardly distinguish the chili from the beans.

We asked the lady not to make it spicy. But the "not spicy" for them was still spicy for us! We can tell that the waitresses were laughing at us at the corner because our noses were getting runny and eyes watery. But all in all, local food in Bali was delicious.

I'm going to post more photos of my trip in Bali, so get ready because the next week or two will be filled with travel posts!


  1. I love the look of the spicy rice, delicious!

  2. It was really good! But I had to drink plenty of water :P


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