Friday, March 14, 2014

Bali Adventure Part 3: Kuta

Here's part 3 of my holiday. We went to Kuta, which is known for the clubs, the surfing retail outlets, and other commercial establishment. It was a hot day in Kuta and everyone was at the beach. We didn't swim, we just walked around the town and explored.

I saw this shrine along the road. Those flowers in banana leaf baskets are the locals' offerings to their gods.

Another sighting along the road is the Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig). I've read in the internet that this dish is a must try. Although it reminds me of the Filipino Lechon Baboy, the herbs and spices that they put inside the pork are different. 

One of the things that you should do in Bali is to get a massage. Massage parlors are everywhere in Kuta. I think all parlors have the same price rage but the ones nearer the beach are more expensive.

Outside the spa I saw this vendor preparing his offering in front of his shop. It's wonderful to watch locals prepare their offerings and pray to their gods. I saw a hotel staff in Nusa Dua place an offering by the shore and did a waving motion with his hand like it was part of his prayer.

We also went to the small stores to check out batik, wood carvings, paintings, and those floral hair accessories called Frangipani. You know if someone's a tourist when they're wearing that Frangipani.

This one is the Bali Bombing Memorial along JL Legian. In October 2002, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Paddy's Pub and killed 202 people, most of which were Austrialian.

Here's a view of the nightlife in Kuta. I have to be honest. I did not enjoy the night life in Bali since I was traveling with my reserved sisters, and not with my wild friends. So... maybe next time I'll give it a try.

We were just walking and I saw this cute store in Bali called Surfer Girl, where they sell everything girly in all candy colors. I'm sure my seven year old niece will love it here.

Another store along JL Legian is Requests. They sell clothes, stuffed toys made of batik, and they also sell batik fabric by the yard. It actually reminds me of a more bright and colorful version of La Pomme Home.

Hanging lizards and elephants at the store front!

That night we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet along JL Legian for only $5.00. And then we went back to the hotel to sleep early because we were leaving the next morning for Ubud, which will be the next part of my Bali Adventure :)


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