Friday, March 14, 2014

Bali Adventure Part 2: Padang Padang and Uluwatu

So here's the Part 2 of our trip in Bali, Indonesia. Sorry I skipped a day, I have been doing a lot of things in the office this week. Anyway, moving on to my story. We went to Padang Padang beach, which is located at the south west part of the island facing the Indian Ocean. It's a 45 minute drive from Nusa Dua to Padang Padang. 

Before we went to the beach, I saw this old temple but the gate was locked. Good thing my hands fit in the grills and I was able to take this picture.

Look at the nice view. There are more nice views to see in other parts of Bali!

Underneath this rock formation is a cave that we had to pass through before we could see the beach.

And look! It's a small paradise. The sand was very fine and light brown. Too bad we were there during low tide. I didn't see any big commercial establishment, just vendors selling water, grilled food, and sarong.

Cute water baby!

I love their spot. They're just chilling under the huge rock.

My sister and I bought sarongs for us and for our mom. It was way cheaper to buy in Padang Padang than in Nusa Dua.

And then we went to Uluwatu to watch the sunset and also to see the Kecak Dance. We were warned not to tease the monkeys and also not to wear shiny objects like sunglasses or necklaces as the monkeys might grab them from you.

So this is the breathtaking view of the cliff at Uluwatu.

I love this panorama feature on the iPhone!

People in Indonesia are mostly Muslims but in Hinduism is the main religion of the people living in the island of Bali. Which is why, you will see a lot of Hindu temples wherever you go.

By 5:30pm we were already asked to gather around the performance area to watch the Kecak dance.

Kecak Dance is performance where the chorus chants the word "cak" without any musical instruments. It is based on Ramayana, a Hindu story about Rama and his wife Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana.

There's Rama and Sita in the middle of the circle.

This one is the colorful Garuda bird.

And there goes Hanuman escaping from the ring of fire.

After the entertaining dance, the audience went to the stage to take photos with the performers. Throughout the show I noticed that some chanters were in deep trance. Even though they let foreign people watch their performance, I still have this feeling that this dance is sacred. But I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it and I will definitely watch it again when I have the chance!


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