Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bali Adventure Part 1: Nusa Dua

As promised, I'm sharing photos of my trip to Bali, Indonesia. I left with my two sisters and we took off early in the morning at around 4:00am. I didn't have the energy to stay awake during the flight so I slept through the whole 4 hours. But when I woke up, here's what I saw: 

We checked in at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Nusa Dua, with the help of my brother-in-law. What I like about it is the openness of the area. The front lobby may not be air conditioned, but it has a great view of nature.

Isn't this pretty? Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua is not a high rise hotel. If I remember correctly, there are only 4 storeys in the facility. Plus, you will see ponds and gardens everywhere. It's like living in paradise.

This is at the koi fish pond near the front desk. They say that the bigger the koi, the more luck it will bring.

Aaaand here is a nice Balinese bas relief I found along the hallway.

After checking in, we went to The Bali Collection to check out the shops and also to eat breakfast. Nusa Dua is the posh region of Bali and luxurious hotels are situated in that area. No wonder the products that the shops sell are very expensive.

There were paintings,

(this one is my favorite)

hand carved sculptures,

and beautiful fabric.

At the grocery we saw this big-ass mango. They call it Manila Mango, but I don't think mangoes in Manila are not as huge as these. Imagine mangoes as big as your face.

At our hotel room they served this cool looking fruit, called "snake fruit. It tasted like lychee, but the texture is like an apple. They kind of remind me of the Khaleesi's dragon eggs.

We brought the fruits and had breakfast at the beach. Look at this peaceful view. 

I was about to take a photo of the temple and then these ducks came along.

This is the Balinese feature pool at the hotel. We were the only ones swimming in the pool at that time, so that was extra relaxation points for us.

That's it for Nusa Dua photos. Tomorrow I will be posting about Padang Padang and Uluwatu.


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