Monday, February 24, 2014

Thread and Nail Art

Hey all! Today I'll show you how to make a thread and nail artwork. It's really easy to make, even your kids can do this, with assistance on working with nails.

You will need:
- scrap of wood about 15" x 15"
- scratch paper
- pencil
- scissors
- nails, about 50 pieces 
- string
- spray paint

Cut out a heart template with a piece of scratch paper, or newspaper.

Trace the heart with a pencil. It doesn't have to be a heart, by the way. It can be a star, or your name.

Nail the outline of the heart, spacing each nail about 1 inch apart.

Use spray paint to color the wood, I used white as the base paint and then blue green the the top layer.

Get your yarn and tie a knot around one nail and keep stringing the yarn until you go over all nails. Tie the end of the yarn to another nail and trim the excess.

It could also look nice if you use more than one color. I'll probably try adding pink on my heart and I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'm going to hang this on our bedroom wall. Slowly I'll be adding more DIY knick-knacks into our new apartment. 


  1. nails were nice and now I get a good nail art ideas, thanks

  2. I really like this nail design and I also got the idea for an interesting nail art :)

  3. wow cool. this could be one of my references about nail art ideas. thanks

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