Monday, February 17, 2014

My Baked Potato Chips Experiment

Hi people! Last weekend I saw this delicious Instagram post by Williams Sonoma.

They look so good and it sounds easy, right? Well I tried it at home and this is what happened: 

Burnt apple crisps! They weren't even crispy, they were paper thin and flaky. I placed them in the oven too low that's why they were dark brown in no time. But you know, it doesn't taste as bad as you think... with the help of cinnamon and brown sugar!

Anyway, I ran out of apples so I used potatoes for my second attempt. And this time, I placed them in the oven at the second and third racks. I followed the same instructions, baked at 275F for 1 1/2 hours, and flipped every 30 minutes. But instead of cinnamon, I seasoned the potatoes with salt, pepper and dried herbs.

They were crispy! I used a mandolin to help me slice the potatoes. By the way, I did not peel the potato skin off just because I was too lazy to do it. They tasted fine nonetheless.

Well, they did taste like potato chips and I love that I made them myself. But guess what? Nothing beats the taste of Lay's and Ruffles! Nom nom nom.

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