Monday, February 10, 2014

Dip Dye Ribbon

Hi all! here's a quick DIY for Valentine's Day: Dip-dye ribbon. I got the idea from Ruffled, except that they used cotton fabric for the ribbons. I used the satiny ones that's why the effect is subtle.

You will need:
- Food coloring
- Water
- Small container like a shot glass
- Ribbon
- Paper towel

I rolled the ribbon and soaked it in water so that the color will be subtle. Add a few drops of food color and water in the shot glass and then dip the rolled ribbon into the dye. If the color is too harsh, just wash it with running water.

Use paper towel to absorb the excess water in the ribbon. Then unroll your ribbon and hang it to air dry. This is how it will look like when your ribbon is satin. 

You can just use kraft paper to wrap your gift and it will look nice with the ribbon.

Next time I'm going to see how it will turn out if I use two colors. Enjoy! :)

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