Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shop The Road Less Traveled

National Geographic launched the online store called "Shop The Road Less Traveled", which features handmade jewelry, accessories, furniture and home decor inspired by the travels of anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey.

The three collections reflect the rich cultures, traditions, colors and landscapes that Elizabeth Lindsey encountered on her recent visits to India, Thailand and Bali. Each piece from the line offers consumers an opportunity to experience another part of the world and appreciate the work of its talented craftspeople. Items purchased from the boutique help support the local artisans as well as National Geographic’s work of exploration, research, conservation and cultural preservation.

Jewel Tones
Renew your spirits with handcrafted items in shades from teal to indigo.

Neutral Luxe
Richly textured selection of home decor and accessories, handcrafted in wood and leather, wool and stone.

Royal Accents
Tell a colorful, cultural story without saying a word. This vibrant collection of one-of-a-kind textiles, accessories and decor does all the talking.

Here are some of my favorite items from the three collections:

Jewel Tones
1. Paisley Morning Pillow Rectangle, 2. Merino Wool Striped Shawl, 3. Blue Thai Celadon Vases

Neutral Luxe
4. Thai Mango Wood Vases, 5. Hand Carved Elephant Festival Sculpture, 6. Suzani Medallion Embroidered Ottoman

Royal Accents
7. Vintage Kantha Quilts with Indigo Black and Beige Shams, 8. Kantha Quilted Peacock Chair, 9. Vintage Kantha Cube

Text and Photos via National Geographic

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