Friday, January 3, 2014

At The Flower Farm

During our stay in Tagaytay, we also visited a flower farm owned by Toti Faner, who is a family friend. It is only less than a kilometer away from Ilog Maria along Balite Road in Silang, Cavite. Of course the most excited person was my mom, who loves arranging flowers. Upon entering the vicinity, the first thing we saw were two ladies preparing buckets of beautiful flowers for a wedding.

They wrap newspapers around the head of the flower so that the petals won't get ruined when they're on the road. They remind me dog cones though. Haha!

Another client ordered sunflowers for her wedding. They're so beatuful! Toti said if you want to order flowers for a wedding, you should inform the flower farm at least 3 months in advance so they can schedule the planting and harvesting.

And then Toti led us to the place where they plant all the flowers. There were huge greenhouses arranged in rows, complete with irrigation system. And each greenhouse is classified according to stage. As you can see here, the flowers in this area are not yet in full bloom.

Toti went to Israel to work and to know more about the technology on flower farming. When he came home, he applied the technology that he learned and started his own flower farm.

Then this kitty showed up and followed us the whole time we were walking around! So cute.

These are some of the flowers that we saw. 

Can you imagine how fresh and sweet smelling the flower farm was? It was such a nice experience :)

Toti was happy to have us there, and he gave us 4-5 bunches of colorful flowers. After the visit to the flower farm, we went to the lettuce farm which was just across the road and I will writing about that tomorrow. :)


  1. Your photos are so nice Cachicoo!

  2. Does your farm open every Sunday? Thanks. :)

  3. how much the flowers there?

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  5. And lastly the buckets. I made two additional trips to get flower and foliage which is not shown here rustic flowers


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