Monday, June 16, 2014

Muni Market Day x Katha Upcycled Craft Workshop

So last last Sunday June 1st, Jen Horn and the rest of the Muni team organized an awesome event called Muni Market Day. It's a community event for conscious consumption and mindful living.

Muni asked us to have an upcycling craft workshop at The Grove Rockwell. Geli and I taught the participants how to make bags and bracelets out of old shirts (posted the tutorial here on my blog). I am sharing with you photos of our workshop!

Photos by Geli Balcruz of Katha Magazine :)

The girls of Katha Magazine :)

Our craft kits are ready!

There's Rea, Mae-Ann and Patrick. He loved the batman shirt.

Van and April - two awesome ladies who came all the way from Cavite!

 The end product. Good job guys!

 Here are our lovely bracelets.

Outside were tents where you can shop, dine, and listen to live music.

And there's Jusa, KKK Coffee, Edgy Veggy, Lotus Pod and many more. 

Too bad I wasn't able to see all the pop-up shops because I had to leave early. I really wanted to buy healthy food! Anyway, that is all for now. I am looking forward to having another craft workshop with Muni next time!! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How To Make Bracelets Out Of Old Shirts

So what are you going to do with the scrap fabric that you used for the shirt bag? Turn them into shirt bracelets! You will need to cut the excess fabric into half inch strips then stretch them to make the edges curl. For this one, I had four strips and tied them altogether.

This type of knot is the Macrame knot. Take the rightmost string and make an L-shape. Then take your leftmost string and place it over the L.

Take the leftmost string under and then out to the "hole" on the right side. That will be your first knot.

Then just tighten the knot to bring it to the top.

Then do the same steps on the other side!

When you're done it will look like this.

You can also do a fishtail braid or a regular braid if you want your bracelet to be nice and simple :)

Again, I promise I will post photos of the craft project that we had for Muni Market Day. :) Stay tuned!

Making Bags From Old Shirts

Today I will show you how to make a bag out of an old shirt! You can keep this inside your bag and use it if you are going to the grocery store for some quick shopping.

Start with an old cotton shirt. Something that you can easily cut, like this shirt that I used to wear when I was still at the University... so and so pounds lighter.

Cut the collar and the sleeves for the bag handles. By this time your shirt should look like a tank top.

Cut a 3 or 4 inch slit on both sides of the bottom of the shirt.

Cut the bottom part of the shirt into half inch wide and 3 inch long strips. You should cut both the front and back sides of the shirt.

Final step: Tie each strip twice, like a square knot. When you are done, stretch the shirt a bit if you don't want the bottom of your bag to be too tight.

And here is the final product!

By the way, I did this project for Muni Market Day, which was on June 1st. I will post photos of the event soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pouf-a-Palooza with One Kings Lane

Poufs are the perfect accent for the home because it is one of the most versatile furniture pieces that you can find nowadays. It can serve as a chair, a table, a footrest, or a stool. I guess the possibilities are endless.

For instance...

Is it game night? Having poufs in your living room will give your guests enough comfortable seating.
photo via One Kings Lane

Place a tray of drinks on your pouf and it will instantly become a coffee table. 
photo via One Kings Lane

Another thing is that they're soft and "corner-free", which is why they're perfect for the kids' room. If your child can't reach something, then the pouf is sturdy enough to be used as a stool. 
photo via One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane has a huge selection of poufs and ottomans that you can get online. They have it in every color, style, and pattern. I have selected three poufs from the OKL online store, and paired them with their other products to make these mood boards. Let's begin with the Pouf-a-Palooza!

Too big of a crowd and not enough places to sit? This patterned pouf is your answer. Crafted in soft microplush in a trendy tribal print, it comes in handy as an ottoman, a coffee table, and even a night stand.

Moroccan Pouf in Grey
Known for its exotic rugs and impressive craftsmanship, Morocco is also recognized for its iconic and versatile leather pouf. Designers and design-lovers alike have embraced this plump accessory, using it as a practical seat for an unexpected guest or even as a tea-time table when topped with a tray. Hand-stitched construction primes this piece to last well into the years to come.

Anniston Pouf in Grey/White

Stylish and endlessly versatile, this charming pouf works best as an extra seat but can easily moonlight as a side table when topped with a tray.

If you liked the items on my mood board, check out One Kings Lane

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rainbow Loom Craze

Guess what I have been doing these past weeks...

I have been playing with my new toy! This Rainbow Loom trend is really making me crazy. I even bought a plastic divider to organize my rubber bands by color.

There are a lot of patterns and combinations that you can follow online but this one is easy. I saw this pattern on YouTube and they call it the "Frilly Braid". Before you make this, you should know how to do the fishtail braid and the inverted fishtail braid.

You will need:
25 pieces of blue bands
25 pieces of orange bands
1 C-clip

For the video tutorial, check out this post by TutorialsByA

Start with the first blue rubber band. Twist it in the middle to form an "infinity"or 8 and place it on two pins.

Then get your second band (orange) and your third band (blue) on top of the infinity band. Just like how you'd start a regular fishtail braid.

Let's start with the pattern. If the rubber band is blue, then you should do the inverted fishtail on the left side and regular fishtail on the right side. To do the fishtail braid, just take the bottom band and pull it up to the top. For the inverted fishtail, insert your hook inside the middle band, then hook the bottom band up and over.

Now do the opposite. If the rubber band is orange, then you should do the regular fishtail on the left side and inverted fishtail on the right side.

It can be a little confusing at first so that's why I recommend using two colors for this bracelet so you know which side is the regular fishtail and which side is the inverted.

Just keep doing it until you see the pattern forming.

When your bracelet is long enough, just take your bottom band up and over until you are left with just one band.

Hook one side of the band to the other pin.

Take a C-clip and hook it on the the last band.

And we are done. Hooray!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yarn-Wrapped Monogram

Hi guys! I am back with an easy tutorial on how to create a yarn-wrapped monogram for your room. Here's a vignette that you can try on your nightstand: 

Cereal box
3 balls of yarn in different colors

Step 1: Use your pencil and ruler to draft the letter on the back side of your cereal box.

Step 2: Cut out the letter. If you think it's flimsy, you can use thicker cardboard or you can also make your letters 3-dimensional.

Step 3: Prepare your yarn. Select three different colors that you like. For my monogram, I chose cool pastel colors.

Steph 4: Bundle up the three strings and tie a knot at the end. Pull the bundle until you get about 7 yards in length (or how long you want it) then trim it.

Step 5: Just wrap the ends of the letters first so they don't look awkward. Cut 3 inch pieces of yarn and use masking tape to secure them.

Step 6: And also use masking tape to secure the starting point of the bundle of yarn that you will be using to wrap the letter. Don't worry, you will cover the tape when we're done.

 Step 7: And then, start wrapping the letter! And watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones while you are doing this. If the bundle of yarn runs out, make another bundle and tie the new one to the old one just to make it continuous.

Step 8: The middle part probably looks weird and loose when the wrapping is horizontal. So you can just go back and wrap it again, but this time vertically.

Step 9: When you are done wrapping your letter, just tie a knot and trim the end.

Step 10: Look at your work of art and slowly clap your hands. If you want to hang this, you can glue a small piece of picture hook/hanger at the back.

And there you have it! Easy-peasy yarn-wrapped monogram.

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