Friday, December 13, 2013

Washi Tape on Gifts

Hi there! Only 12 days to go before Christmas! This week I attended two parties and I'm about to attend to another gathering later today. Anyway, I bought soap as Christmas presents for a party and decided to wrap them with old brown paper bags and dark paper twine for the bow. But before I finished wrapping everything I ran out of twine so I decided to decorate my small gifts with washi tape. You can cut them into smaller pieces to create the shapes that you want. Here's how they turned out:

I made a snowman, a present, and a Christmas tree! Cute, no? The concept of just cutting tape and sticking it on paper is quite easy, but it does take time to finish it. I only did it on three small presents though.

Speaking of washi, my friend Drea has loads and loads of washi tape packed in her storage box and she is the master of making art out of washi tape. You can check it out here!

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