Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Paper Neighborhood - Italianate Style Rubber Stamps

To all the rubber stamp fans and old architecture enthusiasts out there, this is a pretty sweet find. This box of Italianate Trappings endorsed by the Cincinnati Society of Rubber Architects is needed for the construction of a paper neighborhood.

With just a can containing 21 pieces of wood-mounted rubber stamps depicting Italianate style, you can design awesome buildings on paper. The set also include a stamp pad and an instruction manual.

Italianate Architecture is a style that was common in Cincinnati, Ohio during the 19th century. You can view such examples on the streets.

1735 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio:

1323 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio:

I really do want this for Christmas! Unfortunately it's sold out at the moment. You can get this set at Steam Whistle Letterpress and Design.

All photos by Steam Whistle Letterpress

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