Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Hello all! How to you buy or make your Christmas tree ornaments? Is it by color, by shape, or by theme? Anyway, I have compiled a list of cute ornaments according to theme that all of you will love.

Sweet Ornaments
1. 2" Dessert Delights Whoopie Pie with Pink Filling Christmas Ornament, Walmart
2. Cake Slice Ornament, Bloomingdales
3. Pink Cupcake Glass Ornament, Bronners
4. Big Donut Christmas Tree Ornament, Urban Outfitters via Shelterness
5. Neapolitan Ice Cream Ornament, Bloomingdales

Christmas Critters

1. Carved Wood Horse Ornament, Crate and Barrel
2. Winter Scene Disc Ornament, Crate and Barrel
3. Woodland Prep Animal Ornament, The Land of Nod
4. Scandinavian Reindeer Ornament, Crate and Barrel
5. Soiree Bunny Ornament, Anthropologie

Christmas Around The World
1. Christmas Around the World Ornaments, Pottery Barn Kids
2. Michael Storrings for Landmark Creations, Bloomingdales
3. On-Holiday Ornaments, Anthropologie
4. Around the World Ornaments, Crate and Barrel
5. Round the World Ornaments, The Land of Nod

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