Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Martha Stewart Craft Studio iPad App

Hi guys. I recently downloaded Martha Stewart Craft Studio. I got it for free instead of the original price of $4.99. I think you can still download the app for free right here. I can say that it's a really good app for virtual scrapbooking, it's easy to use and there are a lot of designs to choose from.

You can start a project by selecting a card size. The heart shaped card is only available if you purchase a valentine theme.

And then from there, you can play with the craft tools like stickers, glitter, marker, stamps, craft and punches. You can also choose different patterns and colours of scrapbooking paper, and you can insert photos that you want to include in your card by taking a photo with the iPad camera or by choosing from the photo library.

You can also type your message in different font styles and colors. When you download the app, you get four free themes which are Everyday, Birthday Party, Doily Lace, and Nature. There are more themes that you can download for $1.99 each. I bought five more: Holiday theme, Love Letters, The Great Outdoors, Summer, and Spring time. Yes, I went a little crazy with the themes so I had to stop myself from buying the rest.

Here are examples of what I made using the app. This was the first project that I did, it's just a simple New Year greeting:

And I explored more themes like Nature. This one is a thank you card that I just made for practice. I used stamps for the fern above and below the Thank You, and a flower sticker. And then I used a corner punch for the second layer of paper.

This one is an invitation to a pretend Holiday Party. I just layered stickers and placed the text on top. Not bad, right?

And here's a late holiday greeting from me to you! My favorite work so far. You can share your projects on Facebook, or send it through email, or you can even have it printed via Snapfish.

I think overall this app is very useful and I love the designs. If you are interested in virtual scrapbooking, then do not miss the chance to download this sweet app for free. :) Have a Happy New Year!

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