Friday, December 6, 2013

Decorate Christmas Gifts with Paper Snowflakes

I made a simple craft project for Katha Magazine's November/December issue - Paper snowflakes. If you haven't read it, don't worry. I'm going to show it to you! 

You will only need paper and scissors for this project. First, cut your paper into a square

Fold in half,

Fold it again in half

Then fold into three. Cut that excess triangle portion.

Make a crease at the center to make a guideline

And just snip away!

When you're satisfied with the holes that you've made,

Unfold the paper and be amazed!

They're not just for decorating your home, You can also use it to embellish your Christmas presents. I did it in two ways. I covered the top portion of the paper bag with the paper snowflake and used twine to secure it. As for the other gift wrapped in kraft paper, I just placed the paper snowflake on top and wrapped it with red yarn.



  1. Cheaper than paper doily. What a great idea!

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  3. wow, wonderfully done, I never knew that we can be so creative the paper. wonderdul christmas presents for little ones.

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