Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cabin Christmas

This is my interpretation of what Christmas in a log cabin looks like - a rustic home with a delightful feast on the dinner table, the rich taste of hot cocoa, warm blankets, the smell fresh of pine trees, and the sound of wood burning in the fireplace.

1. via Anastasia Volkova
2. via Stocksy
3. via Lexington Company
4. via Anastasia Volkova
5. via Anastasia Volkova
6. via Anastasia Volkova
7. via Architecture Art Designs
8. via Skimbacolifestyle
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Have a Cabin Christmas in your home with these items:
1. Donner 18" Pillow, Crate and Barrel
2. Apotheke Holiday Gift Set, West Elm
3. Holiday Heart Decoration, Lexington Company
4. Peppermint Bark and Hot Chocolate Set, Williams Sonoma
5. Holiday Checked Tablecloth, Lexington Company

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