Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

I was looking for pegs for a gallery wall project and I came across Joy Cho's new studio designed by Emily Henderson. The photos are all beautiful as expected, but there is one particular artwork that caught my eye. Can you guess which one is it?
via Oh Joy, photo by Zeke Ruelas

Let's zoom in a little closer...
via Oh Joy, photo by Zeke Ruelas

Zoom it in a little more...
via Oh Joy, photo by Zeke Ruelas

Do you see that giraffe? It's really cute! Its beady eyes are just too adorable I had to look for the store that sells it. Luckily we have Google so I was able to find out about The Animal Print Shop.

The Animal Print Shop is owned by Sharon Montrose, a photographer who is specializing in animals for over a decade. The animals on the photographs taken by Sharon are real, raised and rescued by dedicated animal keepers who cared for them as their own.

They have a special series called Little Darlings, which the cute giraffe at Joy's studio is part of, and it features baby animal close ups that are perfect as nursery art. I like that the animals are against a clean white backdrop. And look all these innocent baby animals looking at you! So adorable.

Sharon doesn't only photograph baby animals. They also have other types in their shop that are equally beautiful. Like farm animals,
via The Animal Print Shop. Longhorn Steer print by Sharon Montrose

Forest animals,

And even wild cats.
via The Animal Print Shop. Photo by Joe Schmelzer

Check out The Animal Print Shop here and also Sharon Montrose's website. She has a personal project called The Dog Photo Booth that you can check out. They're outtakes of dog photo shoots which she compiled in a photo booth format. I love the expression on all the dogs' faces!

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