Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reindeer Christmas Cups

After drinking coffee from your favorite coffee shop, dont just throw your paper cup away. You can still use them for craft time! This craft project is inspired by the Jingle All The Way Cup from Meri Meri.

 I figured I can make this myself and so I did. :)

Materials Needed:
-    paper cup
-    brown paper (better if in 2 different shades)
-    red and black construction paper
-    white glue
-    scissors

Wrap a piece of paper around the cup and trace the bottom and top of the cup. After tracing, the result should not be a straight line, but two curved lines. This will be your template. Use this for cutting the brown paper.

I sketched my design on my notebook first so I know how to cut the pieces of paper. I even made different deer heads to see which one works.

So for my design, I wrapped the light brown paper around the cup as my first layer. The second layer was the darker brown paper, trimmed to form the nose bridge.

Then I drew and cut circles on red and black construction paper for the eyes and nose. Just use white glue to stick them to the cup.

For the ears, cut the brown paper into two leaf-like shapes and pinch the end. Glue the pinched end to the sides.

Then for the antlers, I traced my design first with a pencil before cutting. Slightly make a crease at the center so that the antlers wont look too flat when you put them on the cup.

Wait for everything to dry before displaying them. Dont use these as drinking cups though! These are made only for decoration purposes. Im not even sure how you can drink with this when the antlers are in the way. :)

I even made him two more friends! The one in the middle was from my previous sketch, and for the one on the left I used the Starbucks paper bag for the deers skin, hence the crumpled texture. Its still cute nonetheless! :)

All done! Wasn't that easy? :)


  1. Hi Catherine,

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cute!!!!!
    Ang ganda.

    a new fan,

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