Monday, November 4, 2013

Magazine Paper Rosette

Hi all! Today I will show you how to make paper rosettes out of magazine pages. It's a fun way to decorate a party, you can use it as an accessory to your present, or you can glue them on a greeting card.

You will need:
- old magazine pages
- or newspaper
- Scissors
- Stapler
- double sided tape/masking tape

So just tear a page...

Then fold it lengthwise like an accordion. I think every fold is about 3/4 to 1 inch

Cut this in half,

And connect the two pieces using masking tape, double sided tape, stapler, glue stick, whatever you have.

Staple the middle portion to keep everything in place.

Then open it like a fan and again use tape to attach the ends of the fan. The end result will be a circle that looks like this:

Experiment with different sizes. We just did 1 magazine page. You can connect two or three pages to make bigger rosettes. You can fold them crosswise to make smaller rosettes. It would also look nice if you group the pages with the same color.

I see this a lot on craft blogs and they use this as backdrop for parties. They're a lot prettier when you layer them. Here are examples I found on the internet:

Chickabug makes paper rosettes in warm summery colors. They layered 2 rosettes in different colors and even glued a circle in the middle.

Minted hosted a brunch with pastel colors as their theme. This is also perfect for a little girl's birthday or a baby shower.

You can even make it more detailed by cutting holes at the middle section or make it pointy at the edges.
via Ruffled

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