Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hallmark Christmas Sale and Rockwell's Holiday Fair

My friend Allie told me about Hallmark’s Christmas Sale at Brixton Street in Kapitolyo. And since it was just a five minute walk from my place, I checked it out. And good thing I did, because holy hell I went crazy shopping for craft supplies at low prices! 

This was my loot. I bought stuff for myself and also for the craft workshop that Katha Magazine was facilitating that day. (I’ll write about that within the week!)

Want to know what was on sale? Let me show you some of the items that I bought:

Rolls of paper twine for P2.00 each.

Folders and envelopes with printed pattern for P25.00 - 30.00 for a set of 2.

Cute polka dot paper bags from P6.00 to P10.00

Ribbons - I can’t remember the price for this but I’m pretty sure I did not exceed P8.00 a roll.

Bought these scrapbook paper for the craft workshop. The people couldn’t believe it when I got these for P15.00 for a set of 4.

And I also bought these solid colored scrapbook paper for P10.00. It’s basically P1.00 a sheet. Whaaat.

And I bought pretty gift wrapping paper that could pass as wallpaper for P20.00 for 3 sheets.

I expected that all my expenses would sum up to about P500+ but discounts were up to 90% off so my bill turned out to be P387.00 for 41 items. Happy!

The next day, I went to Rockwell’s Holiday Fair. That wasn’t my primary reason for going to Rockwell though, I had to do something for work on a Sunday. I also invited my family to go and start their Christmas shopping.

Anyway, I didn’t have enough money that day because I wasn’t really planning to do shopping. And even though I could just withdraw money from the ATM, I had to control my expenses. Haha! Here’s what I bought:

* A lavender infused pillow that says Reve (which means “dream” in French) and a tiny baby pillow doll from La Pomme. - P200.00, she gave the baby doll to me for free! How nice of her :)
* 20 sheets of beautifully designed wrapping paper sold by Paper Chic Studio - P160.00
* 65% Dark Chocolate made with cacao beans from Davao, from Malagos Chocolate. I’m planning to give this or the ones in can to my officemates as Christmas gifts. - P130.00
* And I bought washi tapes from Hey Kessy and Paper Blush. The washi tapes were at P75.00 each.
* Plus, I got a free post card and press flowers from Hey Kessy!

I spent a lot of stuff this weekend, but that’s okay because it made me so happy! Plus, it’s Christmas time! You gotta prepare your presents this early :)

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