Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY Party Projects with The Girls' Room

Hi everyone! This is Kit from The Girls' Room posting as a guest for The Pink Doormat. The season of parties is looming near (Noche Buena and New Year's Eve are just two of the many!) and prepping for these becomes more difficult through the years. Whether it be your budget or your creativity that's a little tight, we've got two simple projects that will ease the headache they're causing.

An important element of parties is food, and we Filipinos LOVE food. Ditch the heavy china and go for light, (optionally) disposable cutlery (for starters). They're cheap, unique, and fun to make! A word of caution: you can get addicted making them.


What You'll Need:
- flat paintbrush
- transparent tape
- acrylic paint in the color of your choice (I used yellow, cerulean, and white)
- wooden spoons and forks (P50 for 25 pcs) you can find in any supermarket

How to Do It:
1. You can opt to sand your wooden utensils first because the ones you get from the supermarket may not be sanded properly. Also check for chips and other damages caused by packaging. If you're good to go, proceed to step 2.

2. Measure the length of the handle of your utensil and divide it in half (eg. length = 5 inches; 5/2 = 2.5 inches).

3. Using your transparent tape, tape around the middle of the handle as shown in the picture. The bottom half is what you will be painting. The tape will cover the portion that you don't want to paint.

4. Mix your acrylic paint to a color you're happy with and start painting the bottom half of your utensil, front and back. To achieve this Tiffany Blue hue, I mixed 1/4 cerulean with 3/4 white. I left the yellow as is and painted straight from the tube.


What You'll Need
- plastic cups (in any shape, but a funkier shape helps in the overall aesthetic)
- a variety of washi tapes

How to Do It
1. Make sure your cups are clean and ready to be used for drinking. Wash and wipe the outside of your cups.

2. Decorate your cups with washi! You can go all-out on this or you may want to make it simple. It helps to decorate your cups with washi in the same color palette.

3. Pour your drinks and enjoy.

These projects are great for parties of all ages. They perk up the table settings and could serve as conversation starters for those occasions where not everybody's acquainted with everybody. We have two more projects by Cachi up on our blog. Visit us

Make use of your idle hands and start crafting!
Kit of The Girls' Room

Photos by Kit Singson
Styling by Tala Singson


  1. Love the wash tape cups ... so many possibilities! Time to get out my wash tape stash again. :)
    Karen June

    1. I agree, you can decorate a lot of things with washi tape! :)


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