Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Turn Party Streamers into a Tassel Garland

After a party, you are left with streamers and other decoration. What do you guys do with them? Keep them for next year? Throw them away? It would be a fun idea to recycle them! Learn how to transform streamers from this...

To this! It's so easy. This crepe paper tassel garland takes a while to make a bunch, but it's easy. You will need: 
- used party streamers
- scissors
- string

First, cut the streamers to about 2 feet in length. Collect about 15 strips for one bundle. 

Twist the middle portion to about 3 inches in length.

Fold it and twist the middle part to make a loop. At this point you can either use hot glue or tape to secure the loop. But I didn't because I was too lazy.

Then string them altogether with a yarn or twine and arrange them in different colors.This is what happens when you don't use hot glue or tape, they somehow loosen up but they're still hanging on to the string.

And you are done. Recycling party decor saves a lot of your money. I just realized, you can use these again for Christmas. Just attach two of these to a paper star to turn them into a Parol (Christmas star lantern) and boom! You recycled it again!

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