Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Halloween Party Setup

If you you haven't seen our Halloween craft ideas, then I'll summarize them for you on this post. Allie of The Four-Eyed Wonder and I did a collaboration for Halloween and this is what our party setup looked like:

We made Brownie Cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, which you can check out the recipe here on my blog. And then we decorated the cupcakes with these cute Witch Feet Toppers. I also did a tutorial on how to make Spider Centerpieces. Since I wrapped the spider with crepe paper, a commenter said that it's a crossover between a mummy and a spider!

For the cups, we decorated them by simply using washi tape in Halloween colors. Start from the bottom then tuck the washi tape under the lip of the paper cup. Allie then made these Broomstick Stirrers out raffia and rubber band. It totally complements our witch feet toppers. It's like tiny witches flew around, had a bad landing and crashed everywhere on our party setup. Haha!

For our goody bags, I used kraft paper and construction paper to make these cute kitty paper bags. We drew the mouth of the kitty with a black marker to make that :3 smile.

As for our background, we cut strips of crepe paper and used tape to stick them on the wall. We also made our photobooth props using construction paper, barbecue sticks, and a bit of tape. Then we added balloons here and there to add more color (as if our background isn't colorful enough).

So that sums up our party setup for Halloween. I hope you enjoyed our craft projects! Have a Happy Halloween!

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