Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Cat Paper bags

Another week, another Halloween project with me and Allie of The Four-Eyed Wonder! This time, I'm going to show you how to make these cute cat paper bags. These cats are so adorable, they're purr-fect for trick-or-treating.

You will need the following:
- kraft paper
- colored construction paper
- white glue
- scissors

Start by making your own paper bag with kraft paper. Or you can just buy paper bags at the craft store.

Trace the cat's ears and head with a pencil about 6 inches from the bottom crease and cut the excess.

Then use construction paper to make the face. I used neon yellow for the eyes, black for whiskers and bright orange for the nose. Use white glue to stick them on to your paperbag. Let them dry for a while.

Then draw the :3 mouth with a black marker. Isn't it cute? Why do puppies and kitties make that cute :3 face?

When you're done making the paperbags, put the candies inside and give them to kids (or kids at heart)!

What's on Allie's blog today? These awesome stirrers that look like witch broomsticks. Go check out her post to find out how to do it. As for the paper cups, we decorated them with washi tape in Halloween colors. Easy peasy :)

Tune in again next week for another Fright Night craft project with me and Allie of The Four-Eyed Wonder!


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