Monday, October 28, 2013

Googly-Eyed Ghost Lollies

Hello people! How's the trick-or-treating going? This is my last minute Halloween treat: googly-eyed ghost lollies! They're quick and easy, even a three year old can make these.

You will need:
- lollipop
- white tissue paper
- scissors
- googly eyes
- white glue
- wire

First, gather your lollipops.

Cut your tissue paper into 3"x3". I used three layers for each lollipop.

Wrap the head of the lollipop with tissue paper

And secure with wire at the neck portion.

Then glue the googly eyes and wait for them to dry.

And you're done! Cute, right? :)

Halloween season may be almost over but I look forward to celebrating the coming holidays. Are you excited for Thanksgiving? Christmas? I'm already thinking of how to decorate my room with Christmas lights :)

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