Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ghost Halloween Invites

It's already October and you know what that means? Halloween is coming! And so my good friend Allie of The Four Eyed Wonder and I have a month-long collaboration in celebration of Halloween! Every week we will be showing you craft ideas on how to make your party awesome. For our first week, we made halloween invites and I'm going to share with you my version:

These paper ghost invites are so easy, even a four year old can make these!

You will need:
- black construction paper for the base of the invites
- white construction paper for the ghosts
- googly eyes
- scissors
- glue

First, draw a long blob for the body of the ghost on white construction paper.

Then using the black construction paper cut a little blob for the mouth. Glue two (or one, or three...) googly eyes. After that, glue the ghost on to the main black invite.

Make more ghosts in different shapes and sizes! I like the one on the right. He's the silliest of them all because of those eyes. Oh gosh they all look so funny.

You can use metallic pens to write down the details of your party, or you can use alphabet rubber stamps and a metallic colored stamp pad.

Our theme for this party is Fright Night and boy do these ghosts look frightening! They're so adorable, like Casper!

This is what Allie and I made for our Halloween party!

Visit Allie's blog to download the printable cat invites and stay tuned for more Halloween craft projects in the coming weeks :)

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