Saturday, October 5, 2013

Casual + Whimsical

PBteen has a new collection featuring celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott and I'm in love with all of items from their collection. There are two styles combined for this look: casual and whimsical. The two are complete opposites, and I guess the good contrast makes it work. The color palette is neutral, but the items in the room show a lot of character.

via PBteen

To bring the casual side into your room, just personalize your space with your special and favorite items. I liked that they used denim as fabric for the headboard and chaise lounge. Just like in fashion, denim can look casual and chic at the same time. Objects made of wood also make the room look more natural and homey. Mix and match pillows for a laid back character.

As for the dreamy side of the room, add gold and glittery accents. Incorporate whimsical fairy tale animals like unicorns and butterflies. Hang a string of tassel garland above the bed. Display your accessories in a fancy jewelry box. Collect vintage items. And put up fairy lights on the walls - it will look the prettiest at night.

via PBteen

Here's a simple mood board that you may find helpful when decorating your room in casual + whimsical style.

1. Needlepoint Pillow from PBteen
2. Butterfly Wall Art from Wisteria
3. Tassel Garland from Confettisystem
4. Sequin Pillow from PBteen
5. Ceramic Letter Hook from Anthropologie 
6. Bunny Lamp from PBteen
7. Shaggy Texture Rug from PBteen
8. Chaise Lounge from PBteen
9. Dip Dyed Side Table from Anthropologie

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