Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pop Art Home

Yesterday I watched a documentary about Roy Lichtenstein's works displayed in Tate Modern. Along with Andy Warhol and other great artists, he spearheaded the Pop Art movement in the 1950's and 1960's and transformed low art (machine printed and mass produced) into high art.

Pop art is characterized by having big bright colors, graphic prints, and a lot of crazy vibe, and this can be translated into your home decor. To pull off that Pop Art look in your room, here are key features that you need to have:

1. Have a neutral background. Start with black or white. Or gray. I think it's best to keep the walls blank because we're going to fill the room with colorful pieces and having a neutral walls will balance this out. We don't want your room to be an eyesore, really.
by Sylvie Rochon via Style at Home

2. Hang a large scale artwork on the wall. That's going to be the focal point. Or you can also have a gallery wall of well curated Pop Art pieces. These pieces would usually have a graphic, comic-like feel.
3. Get a bright colored key piece like a sofa or credenza. Pop art is all about being bold, bright, and colorful. I prefer using solid colors, because we can use throw pillows to play with different patterns.
by Dmitriy Schuka via Behance

4. Get accent furniture pieces in mid-century modern style. How about a Bertoia chair, an Eames chair, or Saarinen's Tulip chair?
by Ana Maria Queiroga via Casa Abril

5. Pop Art has a somewhat tongue-in-cheek style. So don't be afraid to use accessories with quirky character. Those kitschy elements will complete the look.

Don't be afraid to be adventurous in designing your space!

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