Saturday, August 31, 2013

Liberty London Fabric

Today while browsing on Pinterest I saw Liberty London's newly designed fabric for their autumn/winter collection and I find them all beautiful.
Their new collection was inspired by the poem "The Earthly Paradise" by William Morris. As an writer he was influenced by charm, color, sound, scenery, fragrance, and beauty of the visible world. This led the team from Liberty London to use their senses - sight, smell, hearing and taste to come up with new fabric designs.

These are some of my favorites from their collection:

"The design team was inspired by actress Tamsin Greig as well as other musical and dance performers to create the audio story collection. 

Joshua Graham was created blindfolded, surrounded by pens, pencils, paint and pastels whilst listening to 'Music inspired by gardens'. The final design, drawn with chalk pastels, focused on the tempo and rhythm of 'Country Gardens' by composer Percy Grainger."

"The powerful scents that unlock memories and emotions are what inspired the Design Studio to create prints based on fragrances sold at Liberty. 

Ninataylor is a simple design of hand painted sandalwood leaves inspired by the fragrance 'Avignon' by Comme des Garçons, an aroma traditionally associated with incense."

"Jamie Oliver – one of Britain’s best-loved chefs – has inspired the nation to revive forgotten cooking skills and was one of the collaborators for a collection relating to a sense of taste. 

Sweet Cherries is derived from love heart cherries and their splats, and the star shapes made by star anise. Jamie and his team pressed these fruits onto fabric to produce an all-over texture."

"Inspired by William Morris’ poem; ‘Iceland First Seen’, the Liberty design team travelled to Iceland on an exploration of the senses to create a series of designs relating to the wonders of sight. 

Kussman is a miniature jigsaw of Icelandic horse silhouettes. Horses born and reared in Iceland are bred from species dating back to the 9th and 10th Centuries. "

See more of their collection at the Liberty London website.


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