Monday, August 26, 2013

Carla's Paper Flowers

Here is a fun background to make for a party: folded paper flowers out of old magazine pages!

Choose the most colorful pages in your magazine to make your flowers look brighter.

All you need to do is fold the paper many times and cut it into a shape of a petal

Add more layers of petals using different colors and shapes.

The more layers you add, the prettier it will be!

Here's what my niece, Carla, just made:

Now posing with her final product!

You can stick your flowers on the wall using tape. She helped me set up the background for her "photo shoot" and even cut out the word EXPLORE and other images from the magazine.

Here's our little model making silly faces

She was pretending to have a bite of her pizza, which she cut out from the magazine.

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