Saturday, July 13, 2013

Welcome Home Buntings

My sister and her kids just arrived here from Boston and I surprised them with these cute buntings. These are easy to make and you will only need kraft paper, washi tape, and string (I used yarn for this project).

For the letters, you can print your own template on white paper. As you can see, my printer is almost out of ink.  :)

Use washi tape to add color and patterns to your buntings. Lay them side by side on the paper...

And cut out the letters.

With your kraft paper, cut triangles plus about 1 inch allowance at the top. Paste your washi letters on the triangles and then punch two holes at the top. Run the string through the holes. Make sure you arrange your letters so you won't misspell your message.

Hang them above the doorway, or on a wall and surprise your family/friends with your special buntings!


  1. Catherine, I love your blog and all of your beautifully, creative ideas! Amazing!
    I am trying to copy your welcome home sign for my daughter. Can you tell me what program (+font+size, etc.) you used specifically to create the letters printed on the white paper?
    I have a new Gateway laptop with Windows Notes, but no Windows Office or Word :( so I am having a hard time finding the right font and size to create the open letters for the Washi tape!!
    Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you so much for sharing your world of creativity with us.
    You are truly gifted!!! Sincerely, M. Hoffman


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