Monday, July 8, 2013

Minion Paper Doll

For the past couple of weeks everyone has been crazy about these minion happy meal toys from McDonald's. 

They're so adorable, I have to admit. I was actually lucky that I got these before they ran out. Inspired by these cute yellow creatures, I will show you how to make your own minion paper doll.

You will need:
- yellow, blue, grey, black and white construction paper, 
- glue stick
- circular fastener

Here are the step by step photos. (Sorry about the bad lighting)

1. First, cut the yellow paper into shape of an oblong.
2. Cut the blue paper into a half oblong and cut out rectangles on both sides. That will be the minion's uniform.
3. Add the eyes using two grey circles, two white circles that are slightly smaller, and two tiny circles (you may use a puncher for this).
4. And then cut out the legs and paste them on to the body.
5. Make the arms and to attach them, use two circular fasteners. This will make the arms move. You may also do this for the legs.

I just drew the hair and the smile using a black marker. And that's it! It's easy and kids will have fun making this.

By the way, I haven't seen Despicable Me 2. I think almost everyday this movie is sold out in theatres. That's how popular the it is! I guess it's because of the minion craze :)

EDIT: I made a printable minion template as requested :)

Click here to download a printable A4 template.


  1. You have the cutest ideas Cachi! This would be a fun activity for a Despicable Me themed kid's party :)

    1. Thanks, Allie! I made this as a surprise for my nieces when they arrive tomorrow :)

  2. thank you for this awesome idea, do you mind posting or sending the patterns for it, I can't draw for my life lol thanks a million

    1. Hi there! I'll try to do that over the weekend so come check my site again after a few days :)

  3. First i must say that your creativity is awesome and some different but in this small thing also the fasteners are used.

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  4. u knw ,,i m feeling jealous,,of u ,,cz u got thm ,,,i wish i cud collect thm,,cz in india,,really unavailable
    bt i shall try dis,,paper doll definitely,,thnk u ,

  5. Love love love this! I thank you sooo much! Heading to a boys Minion birthday party we forgot about, needed a solution fast: your post here was first under my google search Minion kids printable btw :D Thanks again, you saved me!

  6. Thanks for this post! I'm in charge of a music and arts day camp and we're making a stop motion video. The kids decided to do a minions remake of 3 little bears and your pdf is going to make our task considerably easier. thanks!

  7. Merci pour ce modèle de Minion, nous l'avons réaliser avec mon fils de 2,5 ans et il est très fier de sa création. Des photos par ici:
    Bonne journée!

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