Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Handmade Dolls by Simpli Jessi

Jessi Halliday Mesalic is an architectural designer, whose hobby for making dolls has turned into a crafty business. She owns Simpli Jessi, which is a store that sells handmade dolls created by Jessi herself.

These dolls are made from recycled and organic materials such as natural linens, organic cotton stuffing, felt, yarn and recycled fibers. Each doll is unique and has his/her own special character. Every doll has a different hairdo, different facial feature, and different clothing style.

She also makes customized dolls specially made to look like her clients, their kids and even their pets. And it's so cute that she makes the dolls wear mini versions of her clients' clothes.

If I were a child again, I would probably enjoy having these handmade dolls as a toy. 

This doll even has her own superhero costume :)

Jessi sells these dolls at craft fairs and she will be at the Ann Arbor Art Fair from July 16-20. You can visit Jessi's website here and read her blog here.

Photos by Jessi Halliday Mesalic

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  1. Very sweet babies.
    Here you can find beautiful hand-made vintage dolls.


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