Saturday, June 29, 2013

Coastal Inspired Interiors

Decorating your living room seaside style is one way to bring summer to your home. Here are inspiring photos of some of the beautiful coastal homes.

photo from Lonny

Coastal inspired interiors mostly have a light and neutral color palette with accents of blue, sea green, or coral. Some of the furniture are made of rattan or bamboo.

photo from Coast Furniture and Interiors

These rooms are accessorized with natural objects found at the beach. The seashells on glass bowls, sculptural coral skeleton and grasscloth rugs create a relaxed vibe in the room. 

photo from Lonny

My favorite coastal design in particular is the residential home in Laguna Beach designed by Darci Goodman. The mixing of patterns and bright colors work perfectly for this house.

photo from Darci Goodman Design

Here are materials inspired by Darci Goodman’s design:

1. Solid hardwood flooring from Lowe's
2. Color bound seagrass rug from Pottery Barn

3. Mullholland all purpose linens in Dove from Duralee

Throw Pillow
4. Sedona velvet collection in Navy from Duralee
5. Slick outdoor coral from Calico
6. Waverly felicite indigo fabric from Houzz

7. Distant grey from Benjamin Moore
8. Soft Chamois from Benjamin Moore


  1. I love the first photo. The elephant table works even it's a little kitschy haha!

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