Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kitchen Design Inspiration

Hello everyone! My family mentioned before that they were planning on renovating our kitchen. I thought they weren't serious on doing it until lately they've been asking questions about what finishes to use.

So I made a quick mood board for a little bit of kitchen inspiration.

I have always wanted white subway tiles as backsplash and black granite countertop for my kitchen. And you can't go wrong with white shaker cabinets, they're simple but beautiful. To balance out the cold tiles and countertop, maybe add hardwood flooring for warmth.

I also like to add metallic elements in the design for texture, like those industrial pendant lamps and the cup drawer pulls. As for accents, you can't go wrong with plants. They definitely give life to the space.

I searched in Pinterest to find examples of kitchen designs that go well with my mood board:

White elements, like the cabinets and backsplash reflect natural lighting and this makes the kitchen bright and airy.

photo from Southern Living

See how the black countertop breaks the whiteness of this kitchen? If it's too white then it's too stark. Those cup drawer pulls also give a little sophistication into your kitchen.

photo from Southern Living

I like how the kitchen below is styled. The hanging lamps and the framed sign add character to the space. And of course we all need a clock in the kitchen. 

photo from my ideal home

I know I'm busy, but I can't wait to push through with our home renovation! Hope things work out well for us with the kitchen redesign.

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