Thursday, March 21, 2013

Manila FAME March 2013

This is a pretty late post, but it's never too late to share something beautiful! I went to the last day of Manila FAME, which was from 14-17 March 2013. There are so many beautiful locally made products that were exhibited in the show but it's also sad to know that most of them are for export only.

I wasn't able to look around the whole exhibit, but here are some highlights of  the show:

Here's the exhibit by Kenneth Cobonpue and Hive.

Pillows designed by Inigo Elizalde. Look at the geometric patterns on the tables.

I just want to grab those pillows and bring them home.

Lamps designed by Wataru Sakuma. I asked the lady manning the exhibit if these lamps can be hung outdoors, unfortunately she said no.

Basilisa collection by Ito Kish

I love the different solihiya patterns on this screen.

The Millenial Home is an installation directed by designer Budji Layug that envisions the lifestyle of today's generation.

Vito Selma designed these hanging lamps that look like beautifully arranged feathers.

These are pillows adorned with coconut shells and mother of pearl. They remind me of reptilian scales.

Here's a collection of carved wood chairs by Betis Crafts. Betis, Pampanga is known for producing intricately carved wood furniture.

The booth of Masa Ecological Development Inc. (MASAECO). There's designer Wataru Sakuma at the back.

The lamp is made of moulded abaca pulp.

We saw cool lighting design by Feliix. The Crystal Light, an LED fixture, is composed of glowing crystal balls. These crystal balls are connected together using a magnets, so you can assemble them in any way you like.

Coral Light, another LED lighting fixture inspired by how corals reflect the rays of sunlight through the ocean.

At the second floor was this awesome installation by Van Gogh is Bipolar. It's a restaurant in Maginhawa, which I never got to try when I was still in the University. Maybe next time!

The collection of teapots remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland.

And there were so many shoes painted in white and hung all over the installation.

The show also featured local crafts and they even demonstrated how it was done. This lady is carving bamboo arches and is a local craft in Bulacan, especially done for their Singkaban Festival.

She has been doing this since she was young. She was taught by her parents, and now she is teaching her children how to do the craft.

It's such a bummer I wasn't able to see everything! Next October I should plan my trip for one whole day. 


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