Saturday, March 9, 2013

Garbage (gär'bäZH) by Mitch Shivers

Yesterday I went to UP Diliman to:
1. Fix my documents for the board exam
2. Pass by our org tambayan and meet new applicants, and
3. See Mitch Shivers' exhibit at the College of Fine Arts on its last day

While commuting to UP, I saw this awesome mural at Philcoa. The paintings on this wall at the Philcoa foot bridge changes every now and then. 

Here's another mural that I came across at the facade of Bartlett Hall.

My sister met up with me at the lobby and gave me a tour of her teacher's work. GARBAGE (gär'bäZH) is an exhibit by Mitch Shivers which showcases upcycled furniture pieces out of salvaged items.

Here are some of the items that I liked in the exhibit. Captions below the photo.

Beat Box Carton Speakers
Repurposed cardboard packaging boxes

Reconstruct Track Light
Salvaged I-beam and repurposed G.I. pipes

Head Banger - Blue Head Speaker
Salvaged mannequin head

Maschine Coffee Table
Reclaimed wood planks and salvaged gears

G-55 Lounge Chair and Side Table Set with QR Pillow
Made from 55 gallon industrial container drum, salvaged SUV pistons, repurposed TV picture tube frame, lid of container drum

Night-Night Tenite LED Table Lamp
Reused iMac monitor stand, assorted salvaging metal parts, Tenite pendants

kWh (Kilowatt Hours) Clock
Upcycled electric meter casing, repurposed G.I. pipes

HARD (ware) & SOFT (ware) - Lounge chair with QR Pillow
Made from floppy disks, keyboard keys, reused extruded aluminum bars, salvaged automotive metal panels, upcycled polycarbonate TV projector panel.


  1. Hi Ate Cachi! the murals were made by Ang Gerilya. :)

    1. Which one? The one in Philcoa or the one in FA? Or both?


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