Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY Ombre Painting

Hi all! Few months ago my friend asked me if I can make a craft project for him and for some reason I thought of making him a painting of his initial with an ombre background. I don't know, I just had to give him a big "A" to remind him of his big character. Haha. 

This project is easy, it only took me half a day to do it. What you will need are:
- canvas
- pencil
- masking tape
- acrylic paint
- paint brush

First, use a pencil to lightly mark your initial on the canvas. If you have erasures, they will be concealed with white paint later on.

Next, use masking tape or painters tape to mask the areas you don't want to paint on. 

Use acrylic paint in white, black and the main color for this project. In this case, my main color was viridian.

I started with the darker shade first. On a palette or a paper plate, Just mix a little bit of black and the accent color, and add white until you get the desired shade.

I painted the darkest shade at the bottom of the canvas. Then mix more white paint on your palette. Paint the lighter shade above the darker shade. I just did random strokes here, no pattern and nothing formal.

Overlap the layers of paint and keep repeating the step until you reach the top portion of the canvas. By this time, your paint should be very light, and almost white.

Let it dry for a few hours, carefully remove the masking tape to reveal the initial and paint over the pencil erasures with white acrylic paint. If you think you don't have erasures and you're already satisfied with your work then you don't have to do the last step.

And here is the finished product:

Since this project is long overdue, I'm excited to give this to my friend and I can already imagine him waking up every morning looking at this giant A to boost his confidence for the day. Hilarious.

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