Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Party Ideas on Pinterest

Hi everyone! I wish you all a Happy Easter :) Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you some lovely Easter party ideas that I found on Pinterest.

Serve your easter treats in pastel colors! Be inspired by the easter food display from A Lovely Lark

Photo from A Lovely Lark

On The Sweetest Occasion, there is a tutorial on how to turn your plastic bunny toys into golden bunny place cards. It's going to be a cute accent on your table setting.

Fellow Fellow posted free downloadable easter stickers that you can print on A4 or letter sized sticker paper. Perfect for your easter gifts and loot bags.

Photo from Fellow Fellow

Here's a fun idea from Scrumptiously Delightful. You can sprinkle edible glitter and edible stars on your pastel colored cake pops. 

Leslie from A Creative Mint posted these easter eggs for her feature on Decor8. She used Martha Stewart Acrylic paint and lightly dabbed them on the eggs to create floral patterns.

 Photo from A Creative Mint

Hope you like all these ideas! Happy Sunday :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Decorate Your Easter Eggs with Rubber Bands

Today I experimented with acrylic paint and rubber bands to decorate our easter eggs. It did not come out as clean as I expected, but in the end I liked how they turned out. It's still worth blogging!

I just grabbed eggs in our fridge. It was a bit frustrating when I found out that our eggs weren't white. It's weird when your family tries to go organic.

For the first design, I wrapped the rubber bands first before painting them with gold.

Then I let the the gold paint dry by placing the egg on a shot glass or an egg holder.

For the next design, I painted the egg with gold first,

Placed the rubber bands,

Then painted another layer of acrylic paint. I removed the rubber bands one by one using a pair of tweezers.

What I didn't know was if you coat the egg with a thick layer of acrylic paint, no matter how long you wait for it to dry, the paint will still be elastic (like latex).

The paint stuck to the rubber bands that's why the results were a little bit messy.

 But I enjoyed doing this craft project and I can't wait to make deviled eggs with these!

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY Ombre Painting

Hi all! Few months ago my friend asked me if I can make a craft project for him and for some reason I thought of making him a painting of his initial with an ombre background. I don't know, I just had to give him a big "A" to remind him of his big character. Haha. 

This project is easy, it only took me half a day to do it. What you will need are:
- canvas
- pencil
- masking tape
- acrylic paint
- paint brush

First, use a pencil to lightly mark your initial on the canvas. If you have erasures, they will be concealed with white paint later on.

Next, use masking tape or painters tape to mask the areas you don't want to paint on. 

Use acrylic paint in white, black and the main color for this project. In this case, my main color was viridian.

I started with the darker shade first. On a palette or a paper plate, Just mix a little bit of black and the accent color, and add white until you get the desired shade.

I painted the darkest shade at the bottom of the canvas. Then mix more white paint on your palette. Paint the lighter shade above the darker shade. I just did random strokes here, no pattern and nothing formal.

Overlap the layers of paint and keep repeating the step until you reach the top portion of the canvas. By this time, your paint should be very light, and almost white.

Let it dry for a few hours, carefully remove the masking tape to reveal the initial and paint over the pencil erasures with white acrylic paint. If you think you don't have erasures and you're already satisfied with your work then you don't have to do the last step.

And here is the finished product:

Since this project is long overdue, I'm excited to give this to my friend and I can already imagine him waking up every morning looking at this giant A to boost his confidence for the day. Hilarious.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinterest Feed This Week

Just to share on this blog some more pretty things all over the internet, I decided to start making posts on what's on my Pinterest newsfeed. You know, just for fun.

Anyway, here are some of the pins that I found interesting:

1. Paint your doors pink and yellow

This two-toned door at Amanda Happé's apartment was featured in Design Sponge. It's a nice pop of color in her minimalist home.

photo from Design Sponge

2. Plates on the wall

This photo was posted by Clemmensen & Brok, at Elly's Pancake House in Chicago. If I had the time to go to the flea market, I'd buy as many vintage plates and porcelain items as I can. And one of the things you can do with vintage plates is to hang them on the wall.

Photo from Clemmensen & Brok

3. Bri Emery's new home

Bri Emery of designlovefest had her house done by Emily Henderson, the winner of HGTV design star, my favorite stylist in the whole world.

4. Anthropologie's Stitch-Striped Pillow

These pastel colored pillows from Anthropologie comes in three colors. I like the styling and how they photographed the pillows in this picture.

photo from Anthropologie

5. Bunny Ear Bags

Joy Cho posted this DIY bunny ear bags for Easter. You can put treats and other surprises in this bag for a party. Easter is coming! Are you ready to decorate your Easter eggs?

photo from ohhappyday

6. What happens when a bunch of pastel paper circles are posted on the wall

This folded paper decor was posted on Oh So Beautiful Paper for a brunch for Minted. It's so beautiful I have no words for it.

photo from ohsobeautifulpaper

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Manila FAME March 2013

This is a pretty late post, but it's never too late to share something beautiful! I went to the last day of Manila FAME, which was from 14-17 March 2013. There are so many beautiful locally made products that were exhibited in the show but it's also sad to know that most of them are for export only.

I wasn't able to look around the whole exhibit, but here are some highlights of  the show:

Here's the exhibit by Kenneth Cobonpue and Hive.

Pillows designed by Inigo Elizalde. Look at the geometric patterns on the tables.

I just want to grab those pillows and bring them home.

Lamps designed by Wataru Sakuma. I asked the lady manning the exhibit if these lamps can be hung outdoors, unfortunately she said no.

Basilisa collection by Ito Kish

I love the different solihiya patterns on this screen.

The Millenial Home is an installation directed by designer Budji Layug that envisions the lifestyle of today's generation.

Vito Selma designed these hanging lamps that look like beautifully arranged feathers.

These are pillows adorned with coconut shells and mother of pearl. They remind me of reptilian scales.

Here's a collection of carved wood chairs by Betis Crafts. Betis, Pampanga is known for producing intricately carved wood furniture.

The booth of Masa Ecological Development Inc. (MASAECO). There's designer Wataru Sakuma at the back.

The lamp is made of moulded abaca pulp.

We saw cool lighting design by Feliix. The Crystal Light, an LED fixture, is composed of glowing crystal balls. These crystal balls are connected together using a magnets, so you can assemble them in any way you like.

Coral Light, another LED lighting fixture inspired by how corals reflect the rays of sunlight through the ocean.

At the second floor was this awesome installation by Van Gogh is Bipolar. It's a restaurant in Maginhawa, which I never got to try when I was still in the University. Maybe next time!

The collection of teapots remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland.

And there were so many shoes painted in white and hung all over the installation.

The show also featured local crafts and they even demonstrated how it was done. This lady is carving bamboo arches and is a local craft in Bulacan, especially done for their Singkaban Festival.

She has been doing this since she was young. She was taught by her parents, and now she is teaching her children how to do the craft.

It's such a bummer I wasn't able to see everything! Next October I should plan my trip for one whole day. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Garbage (gär'bäZH) by Mitch Shivers

Yesterday I went to UP Diliman to:
1. Fix my documents for the board exam
2. Pass by our org tambayan and meet new applicants, and
3. See Mitch Shivers' exhibit at the College of Fine Arts on its last day

While commuting to UP, I saw this awesome mural at Philcoa. The paintings on this wall at the Philcoa foot bridge changes every now and then. 

Here's another mural that I came across at the facade of Bartlett Hall.

My sister met up with me at the lobby and gave me a tour of her teacher's work. GARBAGE (gär'bäZH) is an exhibit by Mitch Shivers which showcases upcycled furniture pieces out of salvaged items.

Here are some of the items that I liked in the exhibit. Captions below the photo.

Beat Box Carton Speakers
Repurposed cardboard packaging boxes

Reconstruct Track Light
Salvaged I-beam and repurposed G.I. pipes

Head Banger - Blue Head Speaker
Salvaged mannequin head

Maschine Coffee Table
Reclaimed wood planks and salvaged gears

G-55 Lounge Chair and Side Table Set with QR Pillow
Made from 55 gallon industrial container drum, salvaged SUV pistons, repurposed TV picture tube frame, lid of container drum

Night-Night Tenite LED Table Lamp
Reused iMac monitor stand, assorted salvaging metal parts, Tenite pendants

kWh (Kilowatt Hours) Clock
Upcycled electric meter casing, repurposed G.I. pipes

HARD (ware) & SOFT (ware) - Lounge chair with QR Pillow
Made from floppy disks, keyboard keys, reused extruded aluminum bars, salvaged automotive metal panels, upcycled polycarbonate TV projector panel.

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