Sunday, February 3, 2013

Washi Tape Birds

Today's project is inspired by Love Mae's fabric wall stickers. I like the idea of using decals as decoration for bedrooms. But instead of fabric, I used washi tape.

First I looked for photos of birds on Google Images and traced them on Illustrator using the pen tool. I'm a newbie at Illustrator and my lines are not yet that great. Took me a couple of hours and a Youtube tutorial to do this. Practice makes perfect!

Download the template here.

I printed them out on a letter sized paper. You can print them on sticker paper if you want to put them on the walls or cabinets.

Then I started laying out the strips of washi tape on the bird. You can be as neat as you want or as messy like what I did:

Trim the tape using a scalpel or cutter. Carefully slice off the excess tape and avoid cutting your paper.

 And then finish the rest of the bird with different washi patterns.

Try out different colors that work for you.

Tada! I placed them on my bedroom wall. Too bad my paper owl family is gone, it would have been nice to see them all on my wall.

Aside from practicing Illustrator, I also tried using Photoshop. I'm just a beginner here but I'm kind of getting used to it :)


  1. Yay you're using Illustrator! I love this! Will try it out in my room when I've fixed it up na :D

    1. Yes! It's a little confusing but I'm getting there :D

  2. So pretty! Great job! :) I'd love to have one of these birds in my wall! :)

  3. These are SOO freakin cute!!! :D Thank you for sharing the template: our laptops are down right now ;(


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