Monday, February 11, 2013

Martha Stewart Apps

I'd just like to share the information that some of the Martha Stewart Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch are free at the moment so go ahead and check them out. All recipes can be viewed offline.

I have downloaded three of the apps that are free for a limited time.

1. Smoothies from Whole Living

I have downloaded this app before, when it was not yet free. I have to say, this app helped me with losing weight.

It has different categories for smoothie recipes. There's allergen free, weight loss, meal in a day, etc.

Right now my go to smoothie is the Apple + Carrot + Ginger. 

Bonus page: they give you a list of health benefits for every ingredient that you put in your smoothie

Plus, they provide the nutrition information for their recipes.

2. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies for iPhone/iPod Touch

So many recipes to choose from. I think they have different types of cookies for most holidays.

I haven't downloaded this app before, but the first recipe that I will be using from this app will be the classic chocolate chip cookies.

They also have tips and reminders to make your baking experience easier.

And just incase your oven doesn't have a timer, don't worry because this app has a built in timer that you can use while baking. Would you look at that!

3. Martha Stewart Makes Cocktails for iPhone/iPod Touch

This app is for those who like to entertain guests at home and serve special mixed drinks.

I'm don't really mix drinks, but I would like to give it a try soon.

Too bad they don't have the recipe for my favorite drink, Pina Colada.

But they also have recipes for bar snacks to match your home made cocktails.

Yum. Deviled eggs. I'd love to try this.

Don't miss the opportunity to download these apps while they're free :)

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