Friday, February 1, 2013

Furniture Made With Rattan

There is something about rattan furniture that makes me think of outdoors, relaxation, or a vacation at the beach. It's interesting that many furniture designers are able to manipulate rattan into something beautiful and organic. Here is my list of favorite rattan pieces that I found through the internet, and some of these pieces I have seen in person at Manila FAME.

The Family Love Tree
The Family Love Tree is an Australian based company founded by Katie Graham. Her products are made of authentic rattan and manufactured in West Java.

Lady Peacock Chair

This chair that is so elegant and feminine. And you can see the peacock feather design at the back rest.

Rattan Glass Top Table Natural

Vito Selma
Vito Selma is a Filipino designer based in Cebu who has received numerous awards for his sleek and bold pieces.

Delilah Chair
photo from citem

Another chair that I would love to have. The curves are so sexy!

photo from

I have seen this piece at Manila FAME and it's interesting to look at with its beautiful contours.

Locsin International

Another Philippine based company that exports furniture internationally, and is a constant exhibitor at Manila FAME.

Spartan Havana

This looks really cozy, it's like sleeping in a rattan cocoon.

Foglia Rocker Chair


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