Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Kraft Wrapping Paper Ideas

So I got these alphabet rubber stamps in Divisoria. They sell it online for P400.00. In Divisoria, they sell it for P250.00 But thanks to my Chinese officemate, she was able to haggle with the Chinese vendor and brought the price down to P150.00. Hooray for bargain!

I'll be doing two designs for Christmas gift wrap out of kraft paper and rubber stamps. I used both designs for my gift for Allie during out Secret Santa last week.

It also comes with a star, which I will be using later.

I cut a certain length of Kraft paper from my roll. Long enough to wrap my framed monograms with.

Same as my last post, my color scheme would be white and gold. I'll be using poster paint as "ink" for my rubber stamps.

Where in Manila can you buy stamp pads in gold and white and silver and pink, and all the colors of the rainbow??? I have no idea, I have yet to find out. For those who know, please advise me. Thanks!

Since I don't have a stamp pad, it's a long process for me. I paint on the rubber letters one by one. But I don't really mind if it's time consuming. I'm making it with love <3

So the words that I will be stamping in my kraft paper are: merry, christmas, happy, holidays. You may use other words like santa, snowflake, reindeer, mistletoe, etc.

First the gold paint,

then the white.

I used the rubber stamp star for another gift wrap design. Again, gold and white:

And so I got addicted to wrapping gifts with my handmade wrapping paper that I even asked my sister if I could wrap her gifts.

This is not over! I will still look for more ways on making your own wrapping paper before Christmas ends!

But until then, enjoy the Christmas season.


  1. saan po sa divisoria? please reply :)

    1. Hi! Sa divi mall ground floor. Sa section na nagbebenta ng scrapbooking goods :)

  2. Hi, can you tell me where you got your gold poster paints? :)

  3. Good day. May I know on where can I buy those kraft papers? Thank You. Have A Nice day,

    1. Hi Jess, you can buy kraft paper at National Bookstore or Office Warehouse. I even say one at Daiso.

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