Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Button Monogram

One of my handmade gifts for Christmas is button monograms. I have been seeing them on Pinterest since forever and I've been wanting to try them. 

Finally I was able to go to Divisoria to purchase craft items. I bought buttons for P1.00 a piece, while in the department store, it's about P5.00 a piece. Too bad I only had P100.00 left so I was just able to buy 100 pieces all in the same sizes.

I got these picture frames at Daiso for P66.00 each. First I removed the glass since my button artwork will not be flat and I want the person receiving it to feel the buttons. Hehe.

But since I didn't have any cardboard around, I just used the glass as base for my artwork. I wrapped it with nice printed fabric (which I got months ago for a project that I haven't finished up to now). It's also fine to use paper, be it plain or printed.

And sealed the fabric with packing tape. I guess masking tape will work as well.

When you flip it right side up, they look like this:

Then I printed my monogram templates on scratch paper. K is for Kristine, C is for Charisse (or Catherine if she doesn't want this), and E is for Erin. The first two are my sisters and the last one is my cousin.

I cut the letters and positioned them on my fabric board,

and lightly traced the outline with a pencil.

Then you can start placing the buttons. Earlier I had already grouped the colors of the buttons and placed them on the template so I know which buttons go where and how.

You may glue the buttons or sew them on fabric to make them more secure. I just glued them one by one since I didn't have a needle and some thread near me.

This is how they look like up close:

I hand painted the frames in white and here is the final product:

I do recommend using different sizes of buttons for those small corners in the letter. The next time I'm going to Tabora, I'm bringing more cash and splurge on buttons! I could sell these, if people like them, and if people are too lazy to make them.

I'll be wrapping these gifts and will post the handmade gift wrap designs soon :)


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