Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Childrens Dresser Makeover

It all started with this dresser. My mom got it as a gift from a family friend when she was born in 1953 and she said that the dresser wasn't painted nor finished. Eventually she got married and had kids. Her kids used the dresser when they were younger. She thought of having it painted in white so that the dresser would look brighter for a kids room. 

And then one of her young daughters (that's me) was such a little designer that she wanted to have the dresser repainted in the colors that she liked. And it looked like this:

The daughter grew up, left home, went to high school, went to the university, graduated, and after a few years unearthed the dresser that they used to have when they were kids. She thought of updating the dresser and giving it a more grown up look.

So she started making schemes.

She brought the dresser outside and sanded the hell out of it that she thought she lost a couple of pounds. That removed the layers and layers of paint that she used to like on the dresser.

And then she bought paint and hardware. She drilled the holes for the new handles, applied primer and a few coats of paint.

And in the end she asked a carpenter to help her add the mouldings for the drawers. Okay maybe this isn't 100% DIY. But still.

When the job was done, the dresser looked like this. Please don't mind that awful old wallpaper in the background. That will be one of my projects/makeovers in the future. Thank you.

Not sure why but in real life the dresser is a little bit grey, not blue. I think it's the camera settings.

Tada! Here is the before and after. By the way, this dresser is so heavy and I have no idea how they were able to carry it to the second floor. They probably lost a couple of pounds too.

What do you think of this makeover? What would you have done if this was your dresser? Let me know, suggestions are always welcome :)

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