Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Repurposed Furniture

I have been surfing the internet about repurposed furniture and I just love the idea. There are plenty of artists out there who gather reclaimed materials and transform them into something special. The best thing about repurposed furniture is that you can make your own piece too. If you have old items from your grandparents or if you gather materials at the junk shop, then maybe you can produce a unique piece. There's an old coffee table at my parent's house somewhere and someday I'd like to try and transform that into a repurposed piece.

Here are my favorite sites that I found:

1. REcreate

Katie Thompson is a designer based in Cape Town and is the owner of REcreate interior design and repurposed furniture. She uses different pieces of junk, combines and transforms them into a new piece of furniture with an eclectic flair.

Here is an old bucket that is upholstered to become a stool
Photo from REcreate

Old tea cups and saucers were used as the base for this lamp
Photo from REcreate

And my favorite from her collection, a vintage suitcase that is upholstered and added with wooden legs to become a pretty chair
Photo from REcreate

2. Thomas Wold

Thomas Wold has been featured in a lot of magazines and websites (I found his works through inhabitat). This talented artist puts together reclaimed materials into a quirky and colorful piece of furniture. Aside from upcycling, he also designs cabinetry for kitchen and bathroom.

I love the color scheme in this Fractured Fairy Tales shelving set
Photo from ThomasWold

This Donkey Cabinet is made from old cabinet doors and other unique scraps.
Photo from ThomasWold

He recreates a Primp Station for ReadyMade Magazine. Who knew a vanity could look so cool?
Photo from ThomasWold

3. ReFound

ReFound is founded by Jill O'Neill who works with different artists and designers to produce unique pieces out of reclaimed furniture. According to their website, "each piece is recreated in the style of the artist that 'refound' it, and since there is only one found piece, it will be unique to each and every customer."

These stools were painted By David McClellend.
Photo from ReFound

This chair was painted by Susan Whitla, making it look more elegant and feminine.
Photo from ReFound

 Catriona McCambridge added color and texture to this piece of furniture.
Photo from ReFound

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