Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pool Party Ideas

Staycation has become a popular term ever since it has been a bit too expensive to go on vacations abroad due to crisis. People then started taking day trips within their area or just stayed at home to have fun. If you have no time or money to hit the beach, then maybe you can start a pool party at your home or at a rented place. Here are the things that I love to have in pool parties.

1. Accessories

It's about time to wear the most colorful pair of flip flops that you have. Colorful beach towels are also a must have. Even though you are not in the beach, these towels just work well in the pool too.

Photo from Garnet Hill

Bring your water hammock or other inflatables so you can relax while floating in the pool. 

Photo from Pottery Barn

2. Seating

Foldable chairs are perfect when you are packing tight in your car. I love this chair from Gallant and Jones, which comes with a stool for your legs or for extra seating. It's just great for sunbathing.

Photo from Gallant and Jones

Photo from House and Home

3. Refreshments

We love fruit ice pops! They are so refreshing and delicious. Home made orange creamcicles are definitely a must try. And this just gives me an idea for a future blog post :)

And of course, on a hot sunny day it's good to serve lemonade to your guests. My favorite type of lemonade: Pink lemonade. I first tried it at Bubba Gump and found out it was just lemonade mixed with  sprite and strawberry puree. How easy is that?

4. Food

Grilled kebab is a staple food in pool parties. And I love kebabs with veggies like bell pepper, tomatoes and cucumber. Nachos are great appetizers for pool parties too.

Photo from

Photo from Martha Stewart

Right now I am craving for the beach that's why I decided to write this post. Oh man, if I could just get out of my office chair and travel to the beach! I'll use the pool in the condo instead. I guess that will do.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing beach party ideas. Well it’s my wedding at New York venues and I am going to throw beach party after my wedding to all my good friends. These ideas will help me in managing everything in unique way.


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